Spring is here :-)


 The snow has melted, no long JACKETS, no mittens, no ugly winter caps ( though I would never wear a cap until it shows extreme weather alert ) . The season of blossoming flowers is here. That freedom you feel,when you can go out anytime without actually dressing up like “Eskimos”. 

Here is a little Spring Time Checklist for all the girls who want to be ready for summer.

  1. Spa time : yes, it is the time to go spend a day at your favourite spa. Let all that winter problems vanish. Treat yourself to a day of skincare, hair care and soothing massage. Yeah, you need time for yourself, make that time.
  2. Shopping!!!!!! : well, there never needs to be a reason for a girl to shop. But spring is here and summer comes right after. You need to have that perfect wardrobe for beach outings, parties, barbecue get togethers and to go to malls for more shopping!!!
  3. That dream hair colour: You have been searching for that perfect hair colour all winter. Sitting in the blankets, looking at the snowstorm outside your window, all you did was bug GOOGLE and search for different styles and colours for hair. You have been imagining those purple streaks you saw on the model at the magazine cover. Those blonde streaks on that girl next door last summer. Yesss, It is now the time to call your saloon and book an appointment. Get that hair colour you wanted and flaunt it over the summer. 
  4. Getaways: Those trips you have been dreaming about, now is the time to book those getaways and have fun in summer. That cousin of your who flooded your news feed with mexican winter, take that as an inspiration.
  5. Summer body: Quit procrastinating, move your butt and exercise to get that perfect body for your summer wardrobe and swimsuits.



“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”

Such an awsome quote, but I wish i could follow it. I really wish. I think everyone wants to achieve this stateof mind. And if you have achieved the state of mind when you can live in present, it will be like achieving MOKKSHA.

Naayyy , I am not going into all this spiritual stuff. I am sorry but I cannot handle it. I am more of a practical sort of person and who is not practical these days. I get sad over my past, I worry a lot about my future, I want a lot out of the present. But time is running out 😏

I had my goals set. A nice career at 22, settled relationship at 24, marriage at 26, own house at 27, kids not until i m 29 ( I love kids , but I dont think I am gonna be ready soon). But universe has its own plans for you, and those are the plans that materialize…

There are days when I can just move past everything, but there are days when I end up losing my control. Feeling helpless is the worst feeling ever. You cannot do anything about it, and that is not too good. I am a LEO, born leader, cannot stand not being in control. 

Universe!!!! It has been planning the opposite of what I ever want. I am 24… 

❌ No where close to my planned career.

❌ A happy relationship which my parents still dont approve (so technically still a dream) 

❌ Marriage- now that I have an awsome guy in my life, I can get married right now. ( so called approval of about a million people in our families is still awaited)

❌ house and kids !! Sorry what did I jus say !! No idea….

Growing up sucks. Hell yeah,it does.. And still we wait so bad to grow up.. All you teenagers out there please dont just dream to grow up.. Live your life.. Growing up is a trap!!! 

And trust me , the only positive happened to me in the past year was that I lost weight ( Inspiration for that started from my family wanted me to “perfect” so they could begin “groom-searching” and when I told them I have a boyfriend, they didnt care much about it ). On a lighter note, I think if Olympics had a game “groom and bride searching” INDIA would have had gold medals lined up!!!!! 

When love is not enough

Coming from India, I sometimes dont think of any relation between love and marriage. Well, since childhood thats what we are taught. Love is not needed to get married. Thats the cliche. Somehow, it was somewhere in me to be revolutionary, to challenge the society, to do whats not allowed and to just “be myself”. Inspite of that, I managed to keep my family and my extended family thinking that I am an obedient stereotypical Indian girl. Did I ask a lot from the society? All I have ever asked for is to be myself!! 

Down the memory lane I have memories of being the favourite child at home (and teachers pet at school). The recieving end of favouritism is always good, right??? But whats not good is that, after years and years of recieving the favouritism, being criticised by those same people is like falling back to earth from the dreamland. Tough!!!! 

Growing up as a favourite special child of my family comes with its own expectations. Sometimes i feel how different life would have been if I was never the favourite to begin with? Maybe they never expected me to turn out the way they want to. Maybe I could have always been myself and accepted for that too. Maybe !!! Just maybe!!! I will never know for sure. Being the favourite is all I have seen. 

Aaahh!!!! Time cannot be turned back. So what !!! Looks like I have the perfect life. But no i have not. How much I hate to be me. What I am trying to say is that I am an Indian girl, living in Canada, who wants to marry someone I love. Someone who loves me back. Someone who is best for me. Thats what I think but for my family it is not acceptable as he is from a different religion… So, in most parts of world, people spend a good part of life finding someone to spend rest of their life with and feel very lucky if they find that special someone in twenties. But thats not true in India. Marriages are complicated, and love is not a requirement for marriage. 

Being Indian at heart, trying to adjust into Canadian lifestyle, people think I am enjoying the best of both worlds. But…..

Not really…actually not al all… Immigrant struggles are complicated !!! Torn between two worlds..